Micheline's Life Story 

RYYR's co-founder, Micheline Barkley's life experiences are what compelled her and her husband to open the ranch of hope and healing. This book of her memoirs details all the ups and downs and how God brings it all together.  You can purchase the e-book as well as the printed version on Amazon or Word Association Publisher.  All proceeds benefit RYYR. 


Excerpt from back cover: 

A girl born in Vietnam during the Vietnam War, is abandoned by her American father there and suffers through abject poverty with her family. But after a series of miraculous events, she and her family immigrate to the united states to start a new life. 

There, however, she faces poverty, abuse, neglect and even attempted murder at the hands of a family member. When she asks, "Why?" God answers her by orchestrating all the events that result in her and her husband opening a youth ranch for rescue horses and troubled children.



"A fast paced memoirs of the interesting parts of her life without all the filler parts other autobiographies make you read." -Shannon Homick, Volunteer


"Overcoming adversity…. from childhood to adulthood….God’s ever presence, faithfulness and restoration flow through the pages of Micheline's memoirs. This is truly a story of hope and encouragement for anyone who hears God calling…. encouragement to keep pressing on… “toward the goal… of Christ Jesus.”

Phil 3:14, -Joanna Powell,   Hope Reins Youth Ranch, NJ


"Heroes are people we look up to and follow their example. This book will renew your faith in people. whether its Micheline who is building a new life over the adversity she was handed or a Vivian Clark with her small acts of kindness and a letter of compassion that changed lives. This book will compel you to make the difference in a life." - Linda Dengel, Volunteer


"Real. Relevant. Readable. This book supports the truth in Romans 8, that nothing can separate us from the love of God as we are more than conquerors." - Dr. Phil Huggins, Pastor


"Michelines' book is inspirational! It shows that when people love God and use his compassion to others, a domino effect is created compelling people to show that love and hope to others during difficult times."

- Lynn Barnick, Volunteer


"I'm not much of a reader,  a book really has to keep my attention to sit down and read it. But  Micheline ' s book really kept me interested enough that I read it in one night." - Tina Zieber, Volunteer




"This book captivated me from front to back! I just finished reading it for the second time. It's so exciting to see how God prepared Micheline for His work!" - Jerry Stockman, Volunteer


"The author elaborately tells her journey through sorrow and obstacles to a miraculous recovery of hope and faith where she now lives a live of giving back to others. This gripping novel will give readers of all ages an encouraging and fresh outlook on life!" - Morgan Callahan, Volunteer


"When I picked up A Song From the Ashes, I didn't know it would inspire me as a working mother, help me change my perspective on the challenges I have faced or motivate me to be stronger in my faith." - Lauren Prisuta, Riding Instructor


"The words from this book flowed through my soul like a newly thawed spring stream. Micheline exposes her raw life experiences that enlighten us to a time when life was very different then it is now. Her words are filled with mercy, hope and compassion in every paragraph. Her stories are relatable to people of all ages in all situations, making this book a must read for everyone! " - Katherine Stathes, RYYR Program Coordinator